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Mas Cabardes - Aude

This section is for poetry written/ performed by residents.  We know of two poets in the village.  David Weir and Mike Timms.  There may be others if so please come forward and have your work published.

===========Poem by David Weir==========

(with apologies to Lou Reed) 

Chestnuts, chestnuts everywhere,

But ne’ery a one to eat,

There’s a sign up in the garden,

States quite clearly…interdit.


T’is said the grass is always greener,

With the marron it’s the same,

As they lie there, all beguiling,

Over fences, down the lane.


As does manna fall from heaven,

So do chestnuts fall from trees,

You can listen to them falling,

Loosened by the slightest breeze.


Ah, but wait, a chestnut’s dans la rue,

That means it’s now fair game,

Until a scrum surrounds the chestnut,

For the French all think the same.


When the mushrooms are in season,

It’s a secret where they lie,

Ma voisine said, “I can tell you,

But if I do you have to die.”


It’s the same with little truffles,

Asperges sauvages, truite, la chasse,

Folk would rather sell their children,

Than tell you where the wild food’s at.




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