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Mas Cabardes - Aude

12 /09/2015 Petanque Club.  The annual competition for Ladies and juniors was held at the bouledrome. All the usual suspects took part.  There was also a competition du Tir for the more adventurous.  In the evening there was the dinner which had to be held in the hall at Les Ihles as the weather prediction was stormy.   Presentations for the winners were made.  Sadly there were no expatriates among the winners.  Photos of the event are here

30/08/2015 Concert in the church.
 A concert was held in the church with two fine musician.  One was playing a varietly of baroque string instruments and the other a selection of wood pipe instruments.  In addition to the music we were lectured about the history and usage of the instruments.  Photos available here

22/08/2015 The Village Fete.
In the afternoon there was a grand petanque contest with large prizes.  I have to report that the English team of Brian and Chris perfomed better than usual but nonetheless lost all three of their matches.  The village dinner was well attended by about 200 people.  The food was excellent a salad followed by a pork roast, followed by cheese and an excellent apple tart desert.  After dinner there was dancing which went on until about 0400.  Many thanks to Nadia and her team for organizing this super event.  Photos available here

01/08/2015 Chasse Dinner.  This was held at the bouledrome and was open to everyone.  It was a splendid dinner with music and dancing.  Photos available here

11/07/2015 Mayor Gilbert Batlle performed the wedding ceremony of Camille and Mathieu.  This is the first marriage he has performed.  The couple had family connections to the village and thus chose to be married here.  As it was a private ceremony we have no photos.

14/07/15 Fete National.  The village met at the Mairie and processed to the war memorial where Gilbert made a moving speech.  Photos here .

16/07/2015 The entertainments committee met to discuss their new plans and to elect a new member.  Photos here

14 June. Festi Foire
.  The weather was kind despite the forecast and the whole village enjoyed the market of loclal produce, the vide grenier and the super dog show.  The entertainments committee laid on an excellent buvette and cafe at the Mairie.  Michel Semat the artist came along with an exhibition of his new work.  About 100 non locals attended. Photos of the event here  

11 January 2015.  The mayor invited the village to a ceremony of vows.  Before the ceremony Gilbert made refrerence to the appalling events in Paris and a minute of silence was held.  He then detailed the what had been acheived this year and what the plans are for the coming year.   As with all village events these days there was an excellent spread of food and drink provided.  The cake provided was Galette des Rois which is traditionally eaten on twelth night (it was near enough).  The event was enjoyed by all present.  photos here

1 January 2015.  Happy New Year. 
Some photos of Pradelle Cabardes in winter snow here

27 December 2014. 
The village gathered to honour the memory of its most famous son, Dr Ferroul. A procession went from the Mairie to lay a wreath on the statue of Dr Ferroul by the school.  Unfortunately there was exceptionally heavy rain so it was a slightly soggy and hurried procession.  After the wreath laying there was a superb reception in the foyer of the Mairie.  Photos here .  In the evening the entertainments committee organised a dance in the salle de fetes.  This started at 22:30 and went on until nearly 04;00.  Photos here

11 November Remembrance Day. 
The whole village came to pay tribute to the sacrifice in the wars.  Mas Cabardes lost 13 men in the first war and 5 in the second a huge loss for a village of this size.  The mayor led the remembrance ceremony and made a moving speech.  Photos of the procession,  wreath laying and refreshments afterwards here  

21 September
Although not strictly a Mas Cabardes event many people from Mas Cabardes attended the Lastours Petanque Club Dinner.  Photos of the event are here

13 September
Petanque Club Dinner at the Bouledrome.  In the afternoon there was a competition for children,  a match for ladies and a shooting contest for the men.  In the evening the prizes for the year were distributed and this was followed by apperatives provided by the Mayor,  for which many thanks, and then the dinner.  Photos of the event here

10 Sept
Two radio plays by Mike Timms available on wesite here  and here

August Emmeline and Patrick's baby Achill is born.  He was 3kg 510g and 53 cms long.  Both Emmeline and the baby are well and learning to live with sleepless nights.  Photos will be available soon.

28 August  Ice bucket challenge.
Chris, Monica, Kyle and Livvy take the ice bucket challenge.  All donations to Motor Neurone Disease charity.  Photos here .

23 August Village Fete
The village fete was held in the bouledrome.  In the afternoon there was a major Petanque contest.  Sadly the expats in the form of Chris and Brian were wiped out.  In the evening there was a splendid dinner followed by a ball which went on until 5 AM.  Many thanks to Nadia who was the primary organizer. Photos of the event here

18 August
Olivia Elledge is now 11 years old.  Photos of her party here

02 August Chasse Dinner. 
This was held in the community centre in Les Iles as the weather was not good enough for an outside meal.  A splendid meal was prepared by Henri and about 250 people attended.  Photos of the event here

Petanque Club Annual General Meeting 6 May 2014

At the meeting a new chairman was elected by acclamation. 
Then treasurer presented the accounts and the secretary was appointed again by acclamation. 
New team captains were appointed and the appointment of a fixtures secretary was discussed.

Other matters discussed were the new prices of coffee on game nights.  It was resolved that the new price of a coffee will be one euro.  This was in spite of spirited opposition from Rosette Diaco who maintained that other Petanque clubs only charge 50 cents. 

The time and menu of the club dinner was also discussed but not finally resolved.
Some photos of the meeting are available here